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Promotions for customer commitment

Customer loyalty programmes are employed in many sectors. A task of our customer was to organise and realise such promotions for a major mineral oil business.

The medium-sized customer in this project stores a payment plan with all large projects, with a detailed break down

  • of the planned part invoices with date payable,
  • the invoice amounts,
  • the strain on the loan guarantees.

Due to the large number of products, which must be procured and distributed to the service stations within a short time, consistent, streamlined and straightforward support was required from FactWork:

  • The participating service stations were created as customers.
  • The calls were received in a call centre and the associated customer was immediately identified in FactWork. Via the CAS module, the desired products were immediately consolidated in a delivery note (duration of order logging: approx. 30 seconds).
  • Delivery note and shipping label were printed out in the warehouse, the goods were picked, packed and loaded into the shipper’s containers readied for dispatch.
  • The shipping data was transferred to the shipping company via an interface and used on a cumulative basis for settling accounts with the client.

During the large-scale promotion up to 10,000 packages were sent per day and within four months a total of 12 million products were distributed to the service stations.

Consistent support for streamlined processes!

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