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For the optimum use of FactWork

Because knowledge must flow

Organisation workshop

You know your company and your processes – we know FactWorkand its possibilities. During the organisation workshop, we reconcile the two and mutually formulate a concept for the optimum application of FactWork within your company. We shall be happy to share our experiences and tips with you, for the optimisation of operating sequences. Starting with the organisation workshop, we plan the requisite training sessions together.

Workshop overview

  • Analysis of all company areas and processes.
  • Identification of strengths weaknesses.
  • Elaboration of optimisation recommendations.
  • Preliminary decisions for the introduction.
  • Definition of the preparatory tasks.
  • Minutes as a roadmap for the introduction.


Who is to be trained on which topics, when and how?

The efficient training of your employees is a fundamental precondition for the efficient use of FactWork. However, your departments should also remain capable of functioning. Taking the results of the organisation workshops as a starting point, the necessary training blocks are selected, together with the pertinent employees in each case.

The training sessions are delivered according to requirement as individual or group sessions, with larger groups training is also delivered as key user training. Depending on your possibilities and wishes, training sessions take place on location, via remote access or in-house at F.EE.

Overview of the training blocks

  • S01 - FactWork basic training
  • S02 - Further training in administration + sales
  • S03 - Further training in administration + purchasing
  • S04 - Project training
  • S05 - Further training in personnel planning in the project
  • S06 - Further training in CAD/CAE integration
  • S07 - Material planning training
  • S08 - Production training
  • S09 - Further training in external production
  • S10 - Further training in BDE
  • S11 - Further training in capacity planning
  • S12 - Advanced training in detailed planning and optimisation
  • S13 - Employee time recording training
  • S14 - Further training in PZE monthly statement
  • S15 - Access control training

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