Access control

Security against unauthorised access

Grant or deny access - in a simple and cost effective manner

With FactWork access control the times of each employee needing a key, or an expensive lock system being required are finally a thing of the past.

The module safeguards your company areas against unauthorised accessand simultaneously simplifies the administration of access options. With the help of an access reader and the punch chip, which is also used for employee time recording, you ensure simple and cost effective access to the company and protect sensitive areas.

Automatic documentation

All access and access attempts are automatically logged. If a chip is lost, the access authorisation is rescinded at the click of a mouse button. On request it is possible to integrate a reader with biometric scanner (fingerprint or vein pattern recognition), which delivers additional security. Coupling with the alarm system is also possible.

Tailored to all budgets and security requirements

It is possible to consider a range of budgets and security requirements with different reading procedures. With this, FactWork also ensures optimum fulfilment of a wide range of demands in this area. The administration of access authorisations and the definition of the respective access time frames are realised by setting up access control groups.

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  • Sicherung aller Unternehmensbereiche gegen unbefugtes Betreten.
  • Vereinfachung der Administration der Zugangsmöglichkeiten.
  • Einfache und kostengünstige Lösung.
  • Kopplung mit der Alarmanlage möglich.
  • Automatische Protokollierung aller Zutritte und Zutrittsversuche.
  • Wahlweise als eigenständige Applikation oder als Bestandteil einer FactWork-Installation erhältlich.
  • Individuell für alle Budgets und Sicherheitsanforderungen.

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