Warehouse management

Simple warehouse control through semi-automated material postings

A good bit in storage

The warehouse management system integrated in FactWork guarantees simple inventory management through the automatic execution of a large part of your material postings. This saves time and avoids erroneous postings. The information on the stocks can be called up directly in the article and in the voucher. You can use a PC, PDA and/or BDE terminal for the execution of manual stores postings.

Maximum flexibility with storage types

Also in terms of storage types, FactWork offers the maximum in flexibility: As such, it is possible to administrate a wide range of storage types - e.g. rack storage, area storage or paternoster - with and without storage location as a quarantine store, order picking store, production or external production store, as well as additional store.

Reliable traceability

The traceability of important assemblies and raw materials is guaranteed through the administration of serial numbers or batches, whereby internal serial numbers can also be assigned in production.

Fixed date-related or constant stock-taking

A further advantage of FactWork is the fully integrated stock-taking process, which enables fixed date-related or constant stock-taking per warehouse.

Optional inventory administration

With optional inventory administration, the issue and return of all inventoried machines, tools and test equipment is logged, whilst an overview of all pending and performed tests and maintenance is also available. The integrated empties administration - e.g. for pallets, lattice boxes, etc. - completes this module.

Advantages and features at a glance

  • Simple stock control.
  • Automatic execution of material postings.
  • Time savings. Avoidance of incorrect postings.
  • Support to a wide range of storage types.
  • Reliable traceability of all important assemblies and raw materials.
  • Administration of serial numbers or batches. Fixed date-related or constant stock-taking.
  • Optional inventory administration.
  • Logging the issue and return of all inventoried machines, tools and test equipment.
  • Overview of all pending and performed tests and maintenance.
  • Empties administration - e.g. for pallets, lattice boxes.

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