Operative controlling

For substantiated decisions and control of everyday business

An overview of all current company key figures

Effective controlling forms the basis for substantiated decisions within the company, as well as control and monitoring of everyday business. With FactWork, you have quick and comprehensive access to well-prepared information relevant for decision-making.

Up-to-date company key figures

With the help of the Management Information System (MIS), the desired company key figures are made available on an up-to-date basis. With the integrated authorisation concept it is possible to group the evaluations and make these accessible to individual user groups - so that every area of the company is supplied with the information that is relevant for them. The integrated data mining ensures rapid and individual adjustment of all evaluations.

Maximum transparency

Diverse sales evaluations deliver greater transparency. A credit limit check with consideration of open orders, deliveries that have not yet been calculated and outstanding invoices, as well as liquidity planning, which includes all processes from assignment and purchase order, guarantee greater security in everyday business.

Smart controlling functions

Additional controlling functions at project level facilitate optimum control, monitoring and evaluation of the projects. As such, detailed budgeting of the project costs with monthly forecasts is possible, in equal measure to ongoing tracking of the project status on the basis of the applicable hours and costs. The project evaluation can take place on the basis of hours, materials and overhead costs.

Comprehensive evaluation options

The controlling module is complemented by comprehensive evaluation options in the production area. This facilitates the generation of e.g. analyses in relation to operations, machines and employees.

Advantages and features at a glance

  • Decisions are possible on the basis of substantiated, up-to-date company key figures.
  • Authorisation concept for defined user groups.
  • Data mining for rapid and individual adjustment of all evaluations.
  • Diverse sales evaluations.
  • Credit limit check and liquidity planning.
  • Smart controlling functions for control, monitoring and evaluation of the projects.
  • Diverse analysis options.

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