Employee time recording

For the status quo in the human resource division

An eye on the “comings and goings” of your teams at all times

Who is on what shift? Who is sick or on holiday? Who is in house, away training or on the building site? All these questions are answered by FactWork employee time recording, which can be used either as an independent application or as a module within the framework of a complete FactWork ERP installation.

Arbitrary working hours and shift models

With the aid of employee time recording it is possible to define arbitrary working hours and shift models, as well as work and day plans, whereby allowances and surcharges are automatically accounted for. The administration of overtime hours, holiday and sick days per employee is also simple and requires no additional effort.

Complete overview of “comings and goings”

The time planner visualises planned holiday, current illness notifications and other absence periods and makes missing start-time punching quickly apparent. The attendance list shows at a glance who has punched themselves in, on a break or out at which location or building site, whereby incorrect punching is detected immediately and times can be quickly corrected or retrospectively added.

Use of leading-edge hardware and software

Time recording is possible via robust industrial or PC terminals, a software terminal for the office and smartphone. In this regard too, FactWork offers the maximum in flexibility.

Monthly accounting at the touch of a button

Generation of the monthly accounts takes place at the touch of a button, saving a great deal of time for your staff in human resources. The recorded hours can be transferred to separate payroll accounting via an interface, or submitted to the accountant. A totals sheet can also be printed out.

Advantages and features at a glance

  • An overview of the retention of personnel at all times.
  • Support to all working hours and shift models.
  • Complete overview of “comings and goings”.
  • Use of leading-edge hardware and software.
  • Generation of monthly accounting at the touch of a button.

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