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Transfer of scanned incoming invoices to Datev

In addition to FactWork, the customer also uses the document management system DocuWare. The incoming invoices are logged in FactWork and linked with the scanned documents in DocuWare. When transferring the selected invoices to the Datev accounting system and the accountant, the requirement lies in also selecting and submitting the associated scanned documents in parallel.

With transfer to financial bookkeeping, the following actions take place automatically:

  • For acceptance in the Datev-DMS, a document ID is generated per invoice to be submitted.
  • For every invoice to be submitted, the associated document is extracted from DocuWare and stored as a file on the hard disk.
  • The file name is connected with the generated ID in a control file for reading in the Datev-DMS.
  • In the bookkeeping transfer file from FactWork, a document link to the ID is entered for each booking record.

Subsequently, the extracted documents, control file and bookkeeping transfer file are sent to the accountant. At the accountant’s office, the documents are read in by control file to the DATEV-DMS and the booking records by bookkeeping transfer file to the accounting system. The document link in the booking record ensures the pertinent assignment and it is possible to access the associated document at any time from the accounting system.

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