Best practice

Human resource management with FactWork

The customer not only wanted to use the employee master in FactWork for employee and project time recording, but also to administrate the qualifications of their personnel and the resultant recurring testing.

For this purpose, the company is created with the employees as contact persons in the address master of FactWork. A connection with the respective contact person is stored in the master record for each employee.

In this way it is now possible to assign the individual qualifications of the employee as attributes, e.g.

  • Instruction Driving licences for crane, forklift truck, etc.
  • Qualifications as a first-aider, fire safety assistant or safety officer
  • Existing visas for deployment abroad
  • ...

Peculiarities and the history of every qualification are documented in the attribute. A follow-up means that any necessary repeat testing for retaining qualifications is synchronised in the system.

Personal documents and files of the employee (copies of the driver’s licence or passport, etc.) are stored in a protected area.

Personal data, documented and protected!

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