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Digital invoice release process

The more employees of a company are out and about in field service or on building sites, the more difficult it becomes for incoming invoices to be released within the discount period. A remedy for this has been established with a digital process for invoice checking and invoice release

In addition to FactWork, the customer also uses the document management system DocuWare. The invoices are scanned in DocuWare in the stack in the mail room, automatically separated into individual documents and assigned to purchasing and the accounts department. A purchaser “distributes” the digitalised vouchers to the responsible persons in the individual areas and departments. The employees involved in the checking and approvals process are automatically informed twice a day by email, if invoices have been assigned to them for processing.

Invoice checking takes place according to the 4-eyes principle through computational and technical release. With the computational check, the incoming invoice is also logged in FactWork and connected with the scanned voucher. With the technical release, the invoice is accepted for the cost centre or cost carrier.

The accounts department has an overview of the status of the individual invoices at all times. If there is a risk of missing the discount deadline, they can follow this up with responsible person in the department, assign the invoice to another employee or release it themselves.

Through the connection of the invoice process in FactWork and booking within the accounts department with the scanned voucher, the document can be displayed in both programs with the click of a mouse button. As such, searching for the invoice is also superfluous with a follow-up.

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