Best practice

Customizing via scripts

FactWork offers entry points for customer-specific scripts in many areas. Via these scripts additional information is provided, data is checked for plausibility, or the behaviour of FactWork is aligned with the wishes of the customer

The following has been realised with customer-specific scripts for example:

  • Calculation of the dispatch date depending on the desired date of receipt by the customer and the transport time. Weekends are taken into consideration.
  • Hiding information on a screen depending on the specific authorisations or defined regulations.
  • Display of additional project information on the project screen.
  • Automatic notification by email with a certain event, e.g. posting the delivery to an order, occurrence of an exceptional case in an automatic process, etc.
  • Colour-highlighting items in vouchers depending on defined regulations, e.g. if a hazardous substance is ordered.

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