Best practice

Automatic voucher archiving

It has been possible for some time to file vouchers in FactWork as enclosures with various data records and processes. This functionality has been used for the automated filing of completed production orders with the associated documents from production under the respective production order in FactWork.

The production orders are printed for BDE stamping with a barcode with the order number already on them. Following completion of the production order, the voucher with the associated test reports and other manufacturing documents are returned to admin.

All returned documents are periodically scanned in the stack. Automatic separation according to production orders takes place on the basis of the barcode. At the same time, the number of the production order is read out from the barcode and applied in FactWork for selection of the associated process. Subsequently, all manufacturing documents are automatically imported into FactWork and assigned to the respective production order as an enclosure.

Simple - secure - automatic!

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