The efficient Contact Relationship Management System

Because communication is the basis for everything

Customer care is one of the most important tasks within the company. The CRM integrated in FactWork supports you

  • with communication with customers,
  • with cooperative partnership with interested parties and suppliers,
  • and with an information exchange within your company.

Integrated address masters for rapid access to information

The integrated address masters for interested parties, customers and suppliers with all types of systems ensure that all necessary information is made rapidly available. As such, the loaded address master record contains an overview of associated vouchers and projects, a display of the open entries from the accounts department, and access to the sales, purchasing and turnover history.

Connection with every modern telephone system

By connecting your telephone system with FactWork, you are able to log calls, assign them to FactWork addresses and perform call number searches. The direct sending of e-mails and the automated sending of vouchers in PDF form establish efficient process sequences when interacting with your contact partners.

Superior address management

From the attributes to the classification of addresses and contact persons, as well as the possibility of address selection for serial letters, the marketing department also enjoys a range of benefits. With the follow-up function, you have an overview of all deadlines and activities and you can plan, control and document these efficiently. FactWork also offers optimum support for after-sales service. From the processing and logging of support cases to settling accounts and fees, FactWork contains all the functions required.


  • Faster access to information.
  • Overview of associated vouchers and projects.
  • Display of open entries.
  • Access to sales, purchasing and turnover history.
  • Logging calls.
  • Assignment of telephone numbers and addresses.
  • Direct sending of e-mails.
  • Automated sending of vouchers in PDF form.
  • Classification of addresses and contact persons.
  • Address selection for serial letters.
  • Follow-up function.
  • Processing and logging support cases.
  • Simple settling of accounts and bills.

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