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With our best practice, we present to you a number of exemplary solutions for special customer requirements. Also determine your requirements and how these can be resolved through the use of the various functionalities and modules of FactWork.

Connection with an Arburg host computer

In design or production, companies often utilise high performance software packages or proprietary management and control systems. These must be supplied with data from the ERP system and must return data to the ERP system. This is also the basic requirement for the connection of a host computer for the injection moulding production of Arburg. Read more ...

Customizing via scripts

FactWork offers entry points for customer-specific scripts in many areas. Via these scripts additional information is provided, data is checked for plausibility, or the behaviour of FactWork is aligned with the wishes of the customer. Read more ...

Digital invoice release process

The more employees of a company are out and about in field service or on building sites, the more difficult it becomes for incoming invoices to be released within the discount period. A remedy for this has been established with a digital process for invoice checking and invoice release. Read more ...

Postboxes for employees

Salary and payroll accounting, proof of hours worked, expenses accounts, messages regarding social security and canteen receipts are just some of the documents that every employee must be issued with every month. With a growing number of employees, thoughts quickly turn to an enveloping machine and the outlay involved in distribution and sending. A postbox for every employee is a more than worthy alternative. Read more ...

Automatic voucher archiving

It has been possible for some time to file vouchers in FactWork as enclosures with various data records and processes. This functionality has been used for the automated filing of completed production orders with the associated documents from production under the respective production order in FactWork. Read more ...

Management Information System (MIS) as a control instrument

Key figures make a company transparent. They serve as a control instrument and early warning system for superiors in the individual functional areas. Checkable figures back up the entrepreneurial gut feeling. Read more ...

Fitter’s order

The objectives of the customer:

  • Minimise the risk of failing to bill for a fitter’s work, if the fitter’s report goes missing.
  • Correct supplies in the warehouse at all times.
  • Clear traceability of material consumption.

These objectives are attained through the following process: Read more ...

Human resource management with FactWork

The customer not only wanted to use the employee master in FactWork for employee and project time recording, but also to administrate the qualifications of their personnel and the resultant recurring testing. Read more ...

Liquidity checks

Planning and controlling the liquidity of a company is a central task for ensuring the ability to operate on the market and therefore also the continued existence of the company. Read more ...

Promotional campaigns for customer commitment

Customer loyalty programmes are employed in many sectors. A task of our customer was to organise and realise such promotions for a major mineral oil business. Read more ...

Transfer of scanned incoming invoices to Datev

When transferring the selected invoices to the Datev accounting system and the accountant, the requirement lies in also selecting and submitting the associated scanned documents in parallel. Read more ...

Simplified production plan

Comprehensive capacity planning is often quite excessive for production in a small or medium-sized company. It is sufficient to keep an eye on the quantities ordered and the confirmed deadlines. Read more ...

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